Petits Grecs Kourabies with Almonds Vanilla 180g Box

Petits Grecs Kourabies with Almonds Vanilla 180g Box


Petits Grecs Kourabies (Shortbread) with Almonds and Vanilla 

Kourabies are Greek shortbread and considered to be a traditional Greek treat and a classic among all Greek home-baked goodies. It has rightfully earned the title of “happy treat” as it is always there to adorn and sweeten every joyous occasion, social gathering and holiday celebration.

Based on the original traditional recipe, Petits Grecs have come up with a 100% natural, nutritious product, by including a high content of caramelized, crushed almonds, an even sprinkling of castor sugar on the outside and pure, fresh butter that offers a “melting in the mouth” texture. And, of course … the classic vanilla flavour we all love.

Petits Grecs is based in Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece. It was founded by a Greek woman passionate about the little sweet Greek treats, determined to come up with modern recipes that are the most tasty and nutritious of them all, still based on the Tradition.