ikbal Sekerleme Traditional Turkish Delight with Pistachio 300g


Traditional Double Roasted Turkish Delight with Pistachio made using traditional methods ikbal Sekerleme's Lokum Turkish Delight is made with natural ingredients and no additives.


Did you know... The name Lokum comes from the Arabic rahat-ul hulkum, which means "soothe or heal the throat". This was abbreviated to rahat lokum and then lokum.  The name "Turkish delight" came in the 18th Century when an English Traveler taking some home for relatives could not pronounce the Arabic name and so coined Turkish delight.


Made in Turkey


ikbal Şekerleme have been producing traditional Turkish delight in Afyonkarahisar since 1991 according to the basic principles of providing healthy goods with no additives.



Sugar, water, maize starch, 12% PISTACHIO, acidity regulator (citric acid). Product is covered with icing sugar

May contain traces of nuts