Generous Sylvain Speculoos Gluten Free Biscuits Mini Pack 28g


Gluten Free Speculoos Biscuits. Speculoos is a spiced flavour.


Made in Belgium


Product image is the 120g box size


Generous' bakery offers a range organic gluten-free cookies hand-made in Brussels. They try to bake their biscuits in the finest Belgian tradition and doing it with no waste, fair trade suppliers and with an endless appetite for experimentation.


INGREDIENTS: buckwheat flour*, cane sugar*, butter* (milk), potato starch*, eggs*, milk*, spices*, raising agent (sodium bicarbonate), salt.

*Product organically grown.


ALLERGENS: may contain traces of hazelnuts. Contains milk and eggs.


NUTRITIONAL VALUES/100G: Energy 425Kcal/1784Kj; Fat 18g, of which saturates 11g; Carbohydrate 55g, of which sugars 27g;Proteins 8.6g; Salt: 0.2g.