Chabert & Guillot Soft Almond Nougat 200g

Chabert & Guillot Soft Almond Nougat 200g

SKU: CG300


Delicious soft Montélimar almond nougat pieces. Individually wrapped.


Made in France


Based in Montélimar, the nougat capital of the world, Chabert & Guillot first started producing nougat in the first half of the 19th Century. Initially the nougat was made only for Christmas as in Provence nougat is one of the traditional thirteen Christmas desserts. Realising the popularity of nougat, the company began manufacturing all year round and quickly became the leading and most famous nougat manufacturer in Montélimar. 



Sugar, ALMONDS 30 %, honey 19 %, glucose syrup, wafer paper (potato starch, water, sunflower oil), egg albumin, natural vanilla flavouring. Possible presence of others nuts.


Nutritional Information per 100g


1735 kj

411 kcal

Total Fat

Saturated fat

8.2 g

0.7 g

Total carbohydrate


78.9 g

68.6 g