Baratti e Milano Limoncello Parlines Ballotin 150g

Baratti e Milano Limoncello Parlines Ballotin 150g

SKU: BM4628

An exceptional praline embracing all the freshness and perfume of the sumptous citrus fruit gardens. These white chocolate pralines with a cream of Limoncello offer an experience of taste, fragrance and Italian sunshine.





Made in Italy






Founded in 1858, Baratti & Milano is part of the history and tradition of Italian confectionery.  Starting from the historic café in the heart of Turin, which is nowadays known as a historic place in Italy, the company is one of the most prestigious Italian brands in the world of chocolate and confectionery.









Coating: White chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, emulsifier SOYA lecithin, flavours). Filling: Invert sugar syrup, sugar, "Sorrento lemon P.G.I" liqueur ( alcohol, sugar, lemon peels (25%) water, antioxidant: L-ascorbic acid) (17%), cocoa butter , whole MILK powder, vegetable fat (palm, safflower, cotton, cocoa butter), emulsifier SOYA lecithin, edible fibre, flavours.



May contain milk soya